Our processes

  • Small and large size seamless pipes for oil, petrochemical and gas pipeline applications.
  • Drilling of winding reels, components for rolling mills, design parts (for example roller shafts) for the steel industry.
  • Processing of naval shafts and connecting rods.
  • Drilling of turbine, wind and gas shafts for the hydroelectric and thermoelectric industry.
  • Supplies up to a total weight of 60 tons and length within 18 meters.
  • Axial drilling with diameters from 25 to 650 mm for lengths up to 18 meters.
  • Internal boring and sanding with ISO 7 tolerance and RA roughness <= 0.20 micron for diameters from 60 and 800 mm.
  • Single-acting and double-acting hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.
  • Single screw plasticizing chambers with ISO 7 tolerance and roughness <= 0.20 micron for diameters starting from 60 mm and of any length.
  • Turning of pieces with a rotation diameter up to 1300 x 13000 mm for a total weight of up to 60 tons. It can be stressful to sell a home. In our company, salespeople sell things and services. Our team is familiar with the local home market, so we can use smart pricing to bring in buyers. With business skills, you’re more likely to sell something quickly and for a higher price. We have a large network and a lot of experience in marketing. Skillful home setup and good photos help sell homes. Please join this smart conversation as we look at the details. Visit https://www.housebuyernetwork.com/new-jersey/.

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